Contest Entry: The Battle for Okoto

Set Name: The Battle for Okoto
Part Count: 456 (14- 25 constraction depending on if all the trans claws count)
Price: 50$ (This was a bit hard to guess given all the large pieces used)
Figures: Kulta the Skull Grinder, skull warrior (2), skull spider (4), Tahu, Kopaka, and Ekimu the Mask Maker

The two masks are the mask of strength and the mask of sand, the idea being if these were ever a line each set would come with extra masks with various powers similar to that of Nexo Knights.


Thats way too much an extra 30$ for just a couple of ccbs part.
As for the MOC it looks alright but theres no interior detail


Is their more explanation why Kulta is a Frost Giant?

The contest doesn’t except that. (but would be an amazing deal)

I like the design of the platform, I can’t help to think it’s based on another set…




That was supposed to be 50 not 5, thank you. I’m not sure what you mean by platform but the set is loosely based on The Mines of Moria

awesome! i love the creativity behind it. my favorite mocs for this contest are the ones that DONT try to recreate something cannon. its more creative.

Swag/10 would buy twelve

I need that Skull Grinder.

Besides the colors on skull grinder being a peculiar choice, I think he is designed nicely. The structure isn’t bad either, really giving me an 05-07 playsets vibe for some reason.

Ah there’s a very complex and good reason why Skull Grinder looks that way…he was originally storm beast but the head looked awkward