Continuation of G1?

Would you write books/novels of the continuation of G1?

Not possible. There is no publishing license for BIONICLE at this point, because it is not an active toy line.


So without LEGO’s permision, you can’t do anything regarding Bionicle?

No. LEGO Company owns BIONICLE, and since I am an employee, I cannot do “fan fiction” or that sort of thing. And no publisher could publish a BIONICLE book without a licensing deal with LEGO. For the most part, publishers only want to do books associated with active lines because they consider the toys to be free advertising. That is why you still see NINJAGO books coming out, but not Chima books.

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There exists a (series) of books called “The Brick Bible” which uses LEGO to tell bible stories.

Would it be possible for an individual to have one of their works published (i.e. a graphic novel) that uses BIONICLE aspects without mentioning any words such as; “LEGO” “BIONICLE” or any names of specific characters in this style?

That’s basically what knock offs are. Barely changing the material to leech off the success of other popular works.


No, a knock off is blatantly copying something at lover quality for “success,” I’m referring to actual unique creative works.

That isn’t licensed by Lego, though.

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That’s probably a question for our Licensing or Legal team. But to bring it back to the original question, you couldn’t do a BIONICLE book without a license from LEGO because we also own the character names and the intellectual property as a whole. It would be like writing a novel set in the Star Wars universe with getting approval from Disney. You can do it as fan fiction, but in terms of getting it published, no publisher would touch it.

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