Cooking With Pati: Mandalorian Burgers

Hello there board users. Today, I’m going to show you how to make the most incredible things. They’re juicy, soft, savory, spicy, crunchy, and flavorful all at the same time. They are, “Mandalorian Burgers”


Fatburgers (leave them frozen until you put them on the grill)

Buns (these are the perfect size)

American cheese (artificial dairy product)

BBQ sauce (Jack Daniel’s No.7 is gr8)

Lettuce (you can use salad mix if you’re crazy)

Jalapenos (If you don’t want them you can use any other topping)

Aight, lets begin. Turn your grill on low heat and throw these on.

After that, close the lid. You want it to stay about here:

Check them every minute or so. Just use your spatula to lift them up and check the grill marks. Don’t press on them.

This is how they should look on both sides. If the grill flames up, move them around. You don’t want them to get charred.

Once they’re done, move your burgers up on to the the top section. Try not to let this happen…

Put the cheese one, close the lid, and turn the flame off. Leave them in there so the cheese can melt.

While those bad bois are cookin’, you can get everything else ready. Pop your buns in the toaster (or toaster oven). You want them to be crispy, but not browned.

When those are done, put your sauce on:

Then spread it out with a spoon.

Put a good amount of lettuce on the bottom bun:

Put your burgers on:

Put your jalapenos on:

Then finish if off with your top bun.

If you choose, you can make something to go with them. Maybe some chicken tendies, or just a handful of fries. Then, pour yourself a tall glass of something tasty and enjoy. This is a treat that can’t be beat.


I Honestly expected it to be a squished burger filled with Lego.


How does it taste compared to regular burgers?


It tastes the same, but these can phase through helmets.


Is this going to be a thing? Because if so I am simultaneously both excited and horrified.


The saving grace of this entire burger.


Probably not, but I’ll make another one if I can think of something else to make.

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Mandalorian Burgers…

I think I’ve seen everything now.

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They sell Fatburger patties, I got to get some.

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I stand corrected.

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Now I want a burger.

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Make one :stuck_out_tongue:

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2 baed
I already bought one

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These would probably be served at Dex’s Diner or summat.

Pardon my prequel

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I like the prequels. Pardoned.


I found another. This is a great day…


These were not cooked with a Jetpack.

0/10 not a true warrior of Mandalore.


Welp, I guess I’m going to the store today.

because these look good

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Were they good burgers? :stuck_out_tongue:

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