Cool Beans - The most punrific superhero

Ok, this needs explanation. I was bored in science class today, so I decided to draw a superhero. He is a genetically modified bean who was given a robot body and ice powers. Get it, “Cool Beans”? I’m sorry, that was a horrible pun, I’ll leave.


Very nice looking.

He looks like a chill dude…

Gotta say, of all the beans I’ve seen, this is most definitely the coolest.

nice bean 10/10

So does he have ice powers?

Yes he does. This was just my first sketch of him, and I didn’t really know how to represent ice powers so.

Maybe try snowflakes?

I dunno either.

Alrighty, I made another (much better in my opinion) sketch of Mr. Cool Beans.
I added an ice-thrower (basically the opposite of a flamethrower), and an ice shield .


Now I wanna go get Taco Bell.
Or any kind of Burritos.
Or something with beans.

I like beans a lot ok

I like the ice stuff too
on Cool Beans
not Taco Bell