Cordak's Custom G2 Wairuha

Yeah yeah, I'm sure this idea is about as original as a Transformers sequel, but I wanted to give it a shot, so here we go. I tried to combine practicality, originality, and concepts from the original. Not my best work, I admit.
Bask in his fatness.

Yes, I managed to attach all three gear boxes and incorporated them identically to how they were in the G1 set. A very key reason as to why he's a bit...plump.

The fins were a random idea when I couldn't use Gali's blades for chest, so I decided to give the Wairuha of the future new swimming capabilities. Because that's useful...right?

The legs were probably the most painful parts to put together given how they had to be built in such a way that they could attach to the gearbox. The feet were the closest I could come to being faithful to the G1 set while still maintaining balance. Also the to lines of bones for each leg were too close for the feet to stick together.

Now for fun size comparisons!

And last but not least, an endearing old vs. new.

And yes, I made sure to strictly only use parts from the three sets comprising this abomination.

All criticism is welcome.


My head hurts looking at those feet.


Is it the sideways feet or the open ball-joints?

The sideways feet.

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I tried putting regular armor there didn't go well.

Edit: I've decided to test out more foot designs, and I think I've got a good alternative.


Do all the gearboxes work?

Can't. Claw. Eyes out. Fast enough stuck_out_tongue


Gotta love the gear boxes.

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I can't quite put my finger on why but I really like this MOC.

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Yep. Even the one for the legs, though admittedly the shield arm flops around a bit.


Wairuha's got a sword if you want...




For the life of me, I can't quite describe the charm I get out of the end product myself. Whatever it is, it's keeping me from breaking him back down into his respective Toa sets. Guess I could always record instructions for him for future reference.

He's a fat ballerina.


Agreed. I imagine Wairuha as tall and slim...not....this...


He's not fat. He's extremely heavily armored. stuck_out_tongue


That takes scalps and slits throats.

Well, skull spider ones, anyways.

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Skull Spiders have scalps?

Wairuha is not usually seen as the heavy armoured fighting type
he is more so a graceful fighter

whereas akamai is the one that fights with powah


You could say they are the scalp...

But they have the exact same body type...

Besides, since I don't have Onua yet, we have yet to see how my version of Akamai would look, but given how he'd be made up of two of the $20 Toa, odds are he'd be even bigger. Or at least buffer.


That is because they are made with parts that are limited
Ccbs is much more flexible, who said you would have to follow the rules anyhow?

I still built my Wairuha under a limited amount of parts, to remain true to the spirit of the Kaita.

This is a wairuha I saw that was made by aanchir a while bac, that uses pretty much all the parts from all three sets
I fail to see your point.