Cordax Backstory

This is just a little backstory for my self-moc cordax. I hope you like it!

Cordax was an Av-matoran sent to voya-nui during the time slip. When he arrived, he had no idea who he was and what his purpous was. After days of wandering the island, he stumbled opon a village. He was an outcast, never fitting in with anyone else. One day, he lost his mask, and rebuilt a new one. After weeks of no one talking to him, a freindly matoran named Voya, after the name of the island became friends with Cordax. Finally, after so long, Cordax was happy. But the Glee did not last, for an unnamed makuta had found out about cordax and killed many on the island, searching for him, because he was an av-matoran. In all the commotion, Cordax escaped the island, and visited many deserted islands on a journey to find a home. He eventually found metru nui and stayed there while he rebuilt himself to be stronger and faster. He stayed in the destroyed city of Metru-Nui until he left, searching of life. On his second journey across aqua-magna he stumbled opon a member of the order of mata-nui, who recognised him, and brought him to the base. He told the members of his travels, and they asked him to join. He accepted. Cordax finally had a purpouse, and he was happy once again.