Cordion The General (Self-MOC)

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce my Self-MOC to the world. His name is Cordion. Once he used to be a normal soldier but he volunteered for an experimental program, where he then became 10x more powerful. He then became a successful general leading his army to victory numerous times. During one battle he even lost both of his arms, causing them to be rebuilt 2x stronger. Cordion carries a double sword and a Gatling Gun along with two shoulder mounted blasters.

Let me know what you guy think. I did my best with the pieces I had available.


Looks okay? The shoulders are just… strange…

The colors are all over the place, and the build has some parts where it could be better, but besides that this is good.

Nice weapons, but a very messy colour scheme. That’s why I try not to build big.

I like the arms a lot and the weapons too but overall the MOC looks messy. Not bad though. :smile:

He could be better. The color scheme isn’t great, and the proportions are off. I like the lower arms, though.

The artificial extension of the chest is what really brings this down. I recommend shortening that along with the whole figure. Just denseify it a bit for better cohesion. But there are some good ideas here.

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he looks great to me! there are no rules to how you should make lego models.