Corporate Mafia: Rebellion

The year is 2025.

In 2021, the Apple company formed a partnership with The Lego Group that would advance the two organizations hold over the planet. The secret army of Apple were unleashed, added by Lego thinkers and engineers. Their campaign of terror has weakened the moral and strength of the world.

But all hope is not lost. For a rebel group has risen from the depths of Karzahni to rise against the newly founded Applego.

The faction known as TTV. In their ever present quest to free the globe of Applego, they face many challenges. As of this moment, they face spies among them. If they do not rid themselves of these agents of evil, they stand to lose the war.


As it stands, there are 23 total individuals in play.

17 are normal Rebel Troops.
5 are Applego Spies.
1 is a Rebel Commander.
And 1 is a Secret Role that could change the tide for either side, depending on his/her success.

The concept is fairly straight forward. Every other night, there will be a murder. The spies will strike. Unlike most Mafia games, this will be played in 12 hour intervals. It’ll keep people watching and invested and help the game move along faster.

The first night will be a murder. Everyone will be presented with a list of 5 items belonging to five different people. Any number of these could be a clue left behind by the murderer. It’s up to the group to connect an item to a player, and then settle that as their vote. So during the 12 hour interval, you must vote for the murderer and the item he/she used that is on the suspect list.

Make it clear who and what you’re voting for. If you do not post with “I am voting for (person) using (item)”, it will not be counted.

You only get one vote. There are no changes. This is war, and if you screw up, then good soldiers will die.

As far as staying alive goes, everyone starts out with one plasma shield. These are Applego devices that have limited uses, and due to the prolonged war, the ones used by this Rebel branch have one remaining use. You have to PM me the night before a murder to use it. If you use it and no one attacks you, then it is used and can not be used again. Time its use wisely.

The List:

  1. Risebell - Rebel Soldier, possibly assassinated on Night 10 - An angry letter
  2. TheGecko - Rebel Soldier, executed on Night 8, part 1 - A pocket watch broken at 15:15
  3. Chro - Rebel Soldier, assassinated on Night 1 - A container of 2-length black pins
  4. noob1234 - Rebel Soldier, assassinated on Night 8, part 2 - Number magnets
  5. Oonie - Secret Role, executed on Day 5 - A paint brush
  6. Political_Slime - Applego Spy, executed on Day 5 - A well shined shoe
  7. DarkTakanuva - Rebel Soldier, assassinated on Night 3 - A sharpened mask fragment
  8. Charyas - Applego Spy, executed on Day 2 - Broken lime pieces
  9. Baldric - Rebel Soldier, assassinated on Night 7 - A toupée
    10) UmbraManis - Rebel Soldier, survived - Praying Mantis eggs
  10. Hawkflight - Applego Spy, executed on Night 11 - A book of military aircraft
  11. ColdGoldLazarus - Rebel Soldier, assassinated on Night 2 - Bricks of Silver
  12. Willess12 - Rebel Soldier, executed on Day 3 - A written will
  13. Seto_Kaiba - Applego Spy, executed on Day 9 - A Miru
  14. Marendex_T17 - Rebel Soldier, assassinated on Night 10 - A ghost hand puppet
  15. Corex11 - Rebel Soldier, assassinated on Night 4 - A hero core
    17) Leoxandar_Magnus - Rebel Commander, survived - Western Horoscopes Print Out
  16. Artakha - Rebel Soldier, executed on Day 7 - A golden CCBS piece
  17. Ekorak - Applego Spy, executed on Day 6 - A four leaf clover
    20) Paradox - Rebel Soldier, survived - A bag of chips
  18. Mesonak - Rebel Soldier, assassinated on Night 6 - A shotgun
  19. MaximumWarp - Rebel Soldier, executed on Day 4 - A pen
  20. Takua - Rebel Soldier, assassinated on Night 5 - A stone tablet

All roles have been sent. All items have been sent. If anyone is confused, let me know and I’ll explain.

See you all on the battlefield.






  1. @Risebell
  2. @TheGecko
  3. @Chro
  4. @noob1234
  5. @Oonie
  6. @Political_Slime
  7. @DarkTakanuva
  8. @Charyas
  9. @Baldric
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  1. @UmbraManis
  2. @Hawkflight
  3. @ColdGoldLazarus
  4. @aggjrngfvdffsvgreg
  5. @Seto_Kaiba
  6. @Marendex_T17
  7. @Corex11
  8. @Leoxandar_Magnus
  9. @Artakha
  10. @Ekorak
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  1. @Paradox
  2. @Mesonak
  3. @MaximumWarp
  4. @Takua

Yes! It’s finally starting!

Okay, I’m putting my username back to normal.

If this ends before kitten Mafia, then I’ll go back to randomness.


Yay! it’s starting!

Let’s make things explode.


Like iPhone batteries?

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Sure I guess.

Alright, we’ll start this out interestingly.

The Spies has begun their formation. They are planning to carry out an assassination.

All players may PM me to use their Plasma Shield. The 12 hour rotations when the first night is posted.


Well this is interesting. I like this type of resource management.

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Very interesting; I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes.



  • looks at all the details in the main post *
    Much better resource management than Operation: Revival, I applaud you.

Let the game begin.


Night 1

All was not quiet on the Rebel base tonight.

The war was in constant swing. Because of this the rebels needed to construct a factory in order to produce small arms for any given mission, as well as reverse engineer Applego tech.

Around the clock, they worked. Artakha and Chro were the heads of new small arms, being as Artakha had access to an incredibly large amount of blue prints and the latter was a genius.

“Hey, Chro, could you hand me some of those 2-length black pins from that container of yours?” Artakha asked.
“Sure,” he replied, reaching in to grab a hand full and passing them off to Artakha. “Mata Nui knows what would happen if we ever used red pins in this sorry excuse for a factory…”

As Artakha began to construct a new device based on one of various different blue prints, Chro decided to take a break and relax for a second. Maybe he would grab a breath of fresh air… What little there was amongst all the smoke.

Chro sat down outside the shoddy wall surrounding the base. He looked up at the sky and closed his eyes with a great sigh…

Early that next morning, a yell rang out.

Takua was found standing next to what appeared to new comers as a lump against the wall. He was shaking in fear, and the expression on his mask corroborated his body language.

As the rest of the branch gathered, they laid their eyes upon the deceased body of Chro.

Chro, Rebel Solider, ceased and deceased by Applego Spy.

Chro was found with several sets of blunt force trauma and lacerations on his body. The objects below were found nearby.

(Broken lime pieces)
(Number magnets)
(A pen)
(Western Horoscopes Print Out)
(A hero core)

You have one vote and 12 hours to link a piece of evidence to your suspected culprit. Players may not use any given ability during this time.

Good luck.



but did you jump up the yell? :laughing:

Seems to be connected to the theme of pieces. IDK who it would be though…


So, we need to identify who could have done it based on the evidence. Meaning, we need to link one piece of evidence back to one of the players.

And only 12 hours to decide.

This… is going to be hard.

I don’t think that the person with the horoscope did it; doesn’t seem strong enough to cause “blunt force trauma and lacerations.” Lime pieces; nope, they’re broken. Meaning that they were unable to withstand the force (or the force was so great it broke them, IDK). Number magnets; what kind? Plastic and magnet or entirely magnet?

However, I think a pen or a Hero core might cause injuries like that. No idea who the evidence belongs to though.


@Eljay was the blunt force trauma caused by the object, of was the object just there?

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What do you mean?