Corporate Mafia - Sign-Up

Can be fleshed out more at anytime (looking at you, med-kits) and modifications will likely be made. But hey, sign up is here as well.

And I am not a play thing.

Sign-Up List:

1) Risebell
2) TheGecko
3) Chro
4) noob1234
5) Oonie
6) Political_Slime
7) DarkTakanuva
8) Charyas
9) Baldric
10) UmbraManis
11) Hawkflight
12) ColdGoldLazarus
13) Willess12
14) Seto_Kaiba
15) Marendex_T17
16) Corex11
17) Leoxandar_Magnus
18) Artakha
19) Ekorak
20) Paradox
21) Mesonak
22) MaximumWarp
23) Takua


I be signing up.

I would sing up, but not sure how to do that. If it's just saying "Hey Eljay, I want to play" than I guess I'm signed up?

Pretty much. You're good!

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I'd also like to sign up.

I've been inspired to hone my skills in a mafia scenario. Sign me up!

I kinda wanna sign up, but IDK if that would interfere with me hosting my game...

Ah what the heck. Sign me up!

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Wait, is the sign up exclusive to the people already in the list?

No. Once you sign up, you are put onto the list.

I desire to sign up.

Make it so.

I'll join.

I'll join if that's OK.

I'm in!

Originally included "Screw it, imma play three Mafia games at once", but I sorta got killed in one so I can only play two games at once.


I know I'm also in Slime's game but can I sign up here, too?



I'll sign up, too, then.

I'll join this. Being a part of three games at once can't be two much harder than two...

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Well, I suppose I can participate in three games at once.
Sign me up if you don't mind.