Corr, Corrupted Toa of Smoke

Name: Corr

Element: Smoke (Fire pre-corruption)

My new Self-MOC, who I initially made solely to test out a head and torso design, but he ended up being a new favorite of mine.

Quick thing:
2 armor pieces on the right leg are in black. I’m still trying to fish them out in silver.

Main view:

Back view:

X-Ray (main armor piece removed):

100% Lewd (all armor removed):


Thanks for viewing!


If you get your hands on dark red and silver bohrok eyes, I suggest trying to split the chest too. It gives it a whole new perspective of the color asymmetry.

Other than that, it looks great! I need to know where that silver skull piece comes from…

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I can’t fault the build, it’s very solid and flows brilliantly. But to be totally honest, he looks a bit dull. The colours are mostly black with a couple highlights. The head is a great construction, but it’s just blue and gives no expression to the MOC. I do however like the asymmetry you have. The claw hand and the normal hand thing is kinda cool.

So basically in summary, The build is there, but the character and personality isn’t. Maybe it’d look better with a vareity of poses? or brighter colours? or a unique weapon?

5/10 mate

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Is it just me or does it look like the torso is bending an axle in order to fit the left and right halves with the centre?

Every place where a piece would bend I have a flex tube in its place.

I do have more poses of him- I just keep it plain for showcases. And I am working on replacing most of the black with other pieces, this is just a V1.

Yea, Splitting the chest was a project for further down the road.

Also, here’s the skull piece:

It looks good, but the torso seems a bit too long.
Other than that, this is great.

Oh that’s really nice! And the hordika armour keeps it together, I guess? Clever.

Without a hand and the feet, there exist other CCBS pieces? Cool Moc anyway!

At the top most “hand piece”, there are 2 flex tubes keeping it together.

What? I’m confused.

Yeah, but the blue pins sticking out those pieces connect to the armour-piece right? I was kinda referring to that.

Your Moc has the left arm a CCBS piece, and at least one foot made from CCBS.
CCBS= Character and Creature Building Sistem (The CCBS pieces are the ones introduced by Hero Factory in the series “Ordeal of Fire”)

Ah, yea. It pulls it together.

I know what CCBS is. And I know I am using 3 CCBS pieces (hand, feet) but I don’t know what your question was.

I just want to know if there exist other CCBS pieces.

There do exist other CCBS pieces.

Just not on this MOC