Corrupice, the Wanderer 2.0

Hey there! this is an update to my earlier post "Corrupice, the Wanderer", and you can view that page for the backstory here.

After reading some comments and working on it, I have improved Corrupice with a few tweaks to the build. The first thing I did was add some silver to it and change the chest plate (Thanks to @JMP for suggesting that I switch out the chest piece). The second thing I did was edit the neck so it wasn't as long, and lastly, I took better pictures of it. Here they are.




Other Side

Front without the chest plate

Zoomed in

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Looks better in general, but the chest needs more. The chest plate by itself isn't appealing and very flat.

My other comment on V1 still applies. He doesn't have enough character. Try making his arms more ice-like if he still has that trait, otherwise I would think of something more to add to make him more of an individual!

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