Corrupice, the Wanderer

Villagers that live in the icy tundra that is the northern part of Okoto whisper of a a man who has not be seen in the past decade, named Corrupice.

Corrupice went adventuring one day, and to his delight, he found something! A golden Akaku was half buried in the snow, and he picked it up. To him, it looked normal, and he put it up. His head was filled with terrible thoughts and pain. Corrupice's limbs tuned into a crystal-like ice. He grew cold, and stumbled around in a stupor, and he realized that he could freeze anything he touched. He walked around, but couldn't find his way back. He also found out spending more than a few minutes in the same area, it freezes over. Corrupice, not willing to go back to his village and ashamed of himself, wanders around, attacking anyone who come close, and never rests.

Corrupice (a combo of the words "corrupt" and "ice") is my first MOC post, and the main thing about him is the SUPER COMPLEX custom neck.




Other Side

Front without chest piece

Better, zoomed in picture

Thanks for viewing this post, and I'm sorry for the bad quality in the last two pictures.

maybe you should consider a better chest. I think a Brain Attack torso would work but then you'd need silver or something

the limbs are alright and the construction is nice

Thank you for the advice. I'll work on it a bit more

The big thing abou this MoC is the neck?
Well, it certainly is long...


I couldn't find a better way to attach the head and keep the gear function

So the neck had to be kind of long

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There are better ways to have a custom build which still incorporate the gear function.

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I agree. There isn't too much here. When the only thing going for it is its neck, you need some better ideas.

I would work on defining the character a bit more and build the MOC around his traits. Right now, I don't see much of that. Your story doesn't tell me much of who or what he is, or any defining things about him. The only thing that stands out is that his arms were turned to ice, which would be a cool thing to see in a MOC, but here I can't tell that. His whole body is the same as his arms.

Good potential, but it needs more definition.

looks at title

Immediately gets this song stuck in head