Corrupt mask

So my friend and I were having a discussion about the generation Two golden mask. He told me that he things the corrupted mask, or
The ones skull slicer and company steals, the wears, are weaker than the actual golden mask. I then went to Biosector1 and could not find anything about this.
So can someone tell me if the corrupt golden mask are weaker than the golden mask?


I think the idea is that when a “evil skeleton” wears the mask it corrupts it causing the discoloration. I think the power level is the same.


Thanks that what I needed to know, power level.

I think the power level is the same, but the skull Villains aren’t able to actually use the full extent of that power.


Since Skull Villains are not Toa they cannot get Toa powers but they do get a considerable power boost.

One could argue that the masks do become “weaker” in a sense, since their corruption drains power out of their Toa.

Really I am just looking to find if they have a different power level in the cannon version

Then yes, the power levels is different.