Cotorax v4. And zrovak v2

Hey evryone

Not much changes to cotorax but zrovak is almost completely different.
Pictures: cotorax: dinamic poses:
Growling and barking: hope y’all liked it


Cotorax: So… compared to what it was, this moc is really good. The hands seems to be pretty awkward, and the arm armor limits the articulation. I would try to remake the hands. I would also use smaller shells on the lower arms and I would add a Unity piece on the right leg too. Also that back armor piece sticks out too much.
Zrovak: Really now. We need more images.

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Ok hands really? You think they look awkward well I can’t really fix that because of piece count also as for the arms I don’t have any small gold armore and as for the legs I don’t have another gunmeatal uniter pice just gold and I can’t do any thing about the back
Zrovak: fair point

Sorry dude. I just told you what I think it doesn’t work about this work for future modifications. It’s called criticism. As for the leg, then you can use a regular shell.

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I know it’s constructive criticism I was just explaining why I can’t fix the problems at the moment



Well done on the build :smiley: