Could the fans of Hero Factory get HF back?

Bionicle fans ruined any chances of HF coming back. They hated it so much only cause it wasnt Bionicle, that the overall demand and reputation are very low.

There is a chance that Bionicle G2 may end this year, sense hearing people (besides me and my friends) that Bionicle is doing really bad. I am confident that this is true sense there hardly any good sets, and the sets going on clearance really early then it's usually date that it would go on clearance.
Plus there those Polybags this year and last year we heard of, but never seen it on LEGO Shop, remember IFB Polybags we heard but never gotten.

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-_- Hero Factory was just a test so they came work on Bionicle G2 stop being such little kids arguing about it

Bionicle G2 made a LOT of mistakes in regards to story and set design, which severely cost them greatly. However, I don't see a Hero Factory G2 as a comeback.

I think they'd make a new IP before they make a Hero Factory reboot.


I'm hoping that LEGO brings it back in summer 2017 as the next constraction theme, or comes up with something fresh and different. Constraction in general has lots of potential, and it would be sad to see LEGO stop trying with IP constraction.


There's actually zero evidence for this. Greg Farshtey has stated in his LMB "chat" topic that G2 was in the works by 2012. One to two years is plenty of time for TLG to decide that the letters and online petitions were working. After all, "bring back Bionicle" projects weren't necessarily as silly as they seem; a similar grassroots approach brought Star Trek back as long ago as 1969, before social media allowed petitions and protests to travel as quickly.

People complaining and taking it up with LEGO is also what brought Ninjago back, now obviously it was more people then BIONICLE could ever dream of. but the point still stands.


Bring back hero factory
I think their should be a continuation but with the old style but with fore weapons and armour 2.o style sucks I miss Xplode,corroder, rotor,meltdown,thunder, actually properly include vapor not just an additional on a computer,Von nebula make Von Ness,thresher,zib,quadal and Mr makuro sets

P.s bionicle sucks


so, what you are saying, is that bionicle sucks, but bionicle styled hero factory sets were the best, and ccbs also sucks, yeah no, Bionicle G1 > Hero factory and ccbs was the best thing to come out of hero factory