Could this new mask be the Ignika but evolved?

You know that new mask that Tahu is reaching for, I think I have an idea what it could be, The Ignika, Think about it the ignika mask has a habit of evolving like it was apart of Vezon and then the Toa got the Ignika from him and in 2007 the ignika started to have the body symbol. So it has to be the Ignika Mask that we've all must be seen, and even Collector agrees with me in this and the other might think that too so it could be true.


The mask in the picture Tahu's reaching out for looks very similar to that of the description given for the mask of creation. I highly doubt this would be the Ignika, after so many of years of Bionicle's story revolved around the mask.


Real quick. The bit about Collector agreeing with you is kinda irrelevant, as a post should just be about what you think.

Now, I think you're right. There was something a while ago that showed that there's a possibility of the Ignika symbol being on the forehead of the mask. At first I thought it was the Mask of Creation too, but it doesn't seem like it fits. the eyes aren't angular and there's not enough designs on the forehead.

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exacully It's very possible We need Meso, Eljay and the rest of the guys that it might be true, I mean The Ignika mask is still active, which means the return of Mata Nui

why do we need Eljay and Meso? this is just speculation. this isn't news.


It might be possible and they are bionicle fans so they should know, and what if I'm right

It -might- be possible.
Shouldn't bother people with just speculation, that's pointless.
I like this topic for the speculation but eh... what if you're wrong? Let's just wait and see what the mask is when it's announced.


yea what if I'm wrong, its just what the ignika pop up in my head but yes we will see, Tahu is the last person who hold the Ignika mask

It's still not news. Until Lego says something, it's just speculation. If you really want their opinion, go to the Ask TTV topic.

so that sounds like Tahu is guarding of the Mask but we shall see

If this IS the Ignika (Which I hope it isn't) It is very likely that the return of Mata Nui could be upon us. At the end of 2010, Mata Nui was trapped in the Mask of Life, yes? Maybe the Protectors and the Toa are attempting to keep the mask from the clutches of the Skull Spiders (Which I hope is just a poorly translated name)?

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I have 3 possible ideas on the mask:

1.New Ignika mask

2.Mask of Creation

3.New Mask of Light???(if this is %100 a reboot why not?)


Yea I don't see why not that bionicle can't be a reboot but it's seems of a continuation here

It's probably just a prototype MoCr.

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