Could Voporak Be Killed?

I meant like how the fantastic four defeated doom in the movie

Neither of these would work, they’d both just turn to dust. In fact, I believe in Time Trap Makuta or Vakama threw a giant boulder at him and it didn’t do anything


From Time Trap:

Vakama chose not to answer, instead drawing on his elemental power to create a white-hot fireball. He spent a long moment deciding who he would rather throw it at, and then hurled it toward Voporak. It flew straight and true, aimed perfectly to serve as a distraction. The Toa of Fire readied himself to spring as soon as Voporak’s attention shifted to the fireball. But to his surprise, the flames sputtered and died as soon as they came close to the creature. Voporak never even glanced in the direction of Vakama’s attack.

Frustrated, the Toa tried again. Fire bolts, rains of flame, even a fiery cage, all were extinguished as soon as they came close enough to affect Voporak. Vakama muttered something that would have gotten him tossed out of a Ga-Metru school, which seemed to amuse Makuta.

“Watch,” said the armored giant. He picked up a boulder and threw it at the seemingly invulnerable being. Mere inches away from Voparak’s body, the rock crumbled to dust.

“What kind of power?”

“Time,” answered Makuta. “Any force directed at Voporak ages before reaching it. Anything it touches grows old in its grasp, unless Voporak wills it otherwise. No power is immune to the ravages of the years, little Toa.”


I’d imagine that he’s immune to anything time related, similar to how a toa of fire can withstand high heat

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Except: if the Vahi is destroyed, it destroys all of time within the Matoran Universe. If it was destroyed before the events of 2009, it could destroy Voporak.

But who would want to destroy the vahi?A Toa of Iron could be the best bet since iron cant really turn into dust or something.

Vakama came pretty close in Time Trap.

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It can oxidize, which would likely be accelerated by Voporak’s time field. However, a Protodermis crystal, such as that created by the fusion of six elemental blasts, might be able to trap him, since it seems that pure energized protodermis is unaffected by time. Or a Shadow Hand, or a light blast, as either of these would be turned into electromagnetic radiation by the time field, and that could kill him, given a high enough dose of neutrons and protons.


I’ve never understood this one, like what did time do before the vahi was made? it was fine right? I don’t see how it would destroy “time”

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Basically all time would happen at once. The present would roll in reverse into the future that would set up events in your past, maybe Lhikan would keep shifting from Toa to Matoran to Turaga and back and forth, or maybe, since Lhikan was in many different places over his lifespan, multiple Lhikans could exist simultaneously. Even stopping an enemy wouldn’t matter because their past self would remember it and change the course of events. Stuff like that.


I wondered this myself.

My understanding is that yes, time was fine before the Vahi came around, but then the mask somehow “absorbed” it upon being made, and time became dependent on the mask.

Side Theory

This brings up some really interesting interpretations for how the mask-making process works. If the Vahi “absorbed” time itself, did it have to do with the actual Kanoka powers?

My thinking is that any six disks of those powers are capable of “absorbing” time, but the raw power and strength of the Great Disks was required to actually contain it.


Ah, I see now