Count Consuetudine

The Count was a nobleman matoran-like being of the Island of Randor, an island on a distant planet. After Consuetudine home was found out to be a Great Being. It soon mysteriously awoke and flew off crashing into Mata Nui. The Count woke up in a dark cave, surrounded by odd eggs. He was soon attacked by a Rakshi who amputated his arm. With his quick wit he defeated the creature. After scavenging the island, he built himself a new body and kept the Rakshi’s head as his mask. Using his drill and his strength to fend off enemies.


Either that head is set back far, or his chest is too puffy.

Very creative use of those wing pieces.

Seems interesting

looks super cool, love the color choice

I will be posting an update soon after my next project.

I like the use of dragon wings as a sort of cape