Couple of Adaptive Armor questions?

It was told that Adaptive Armor features, besides armor itself, Adaptive Toa Tool and Adaptive Protosteel Launcher. But in the plot, there were two inconsistencies about that:

  • Gali with swamp-adapted armor had only ranged weapon. Where her Ttoa Tool got gone?
  • Tahu, after transforming to normal Toa from Nuva back, despite keeping his Adaptive Armor and Adaptive Toa Tool (which is his fire sword), for some reason, doesn’t seem to have his Protosteel Launcher. What happened to it?

Also, just some questions I want to know:

  • Can Tahu’s Adaptive Armor still adapt to the surroundings, or it switched to being inactive? If it still working, why it didn’t adapt to desert surroundings?
  • Is Tahu’s Hau still Adaptive Kanohi? Or Ignika transformed his mask to normal Hau?

Gali simply disgarded her Aqua axes and mizuni rotors. All Toa adopted new transformable weapons alongside their new adaptive armors.

Yes, it would develope cooling apparatus. This is a guess. either adaptive armor couldn’t do so since golden armor prevented it or it did but they were not visible on the outside.

By “her toa tool” I meant one that is granted by the Adaptive Armor. Like Tahu’s Rotating Fire Blades/Fire Sword, or Lewa’s Air Saber
2) What happened to Tahu’s adaptive launcher when he was transfromed back to Toa Mata?
2) Most likely ceased to exist

Not sure about Gali…


I think the scope was meant to be the Toa Tool

I’m pretty sure Tahu’s Hau is still adaptive.
1 Is Kopaka’s Blizzard Blade part of the adaptive armor, or is that only the Midak Skyblaster?
1) It is part of the armor,10,15-16,20
1 Is Gali’s sight on her Nynrah her Toa tool?
1a. If so, can she materialize, say, a ball of water in its center to use in an attack? I myself just think it would be cool.
1b. If not, did she not get one from Artahka, or does she simply not use the one she got?
1c. Might it have, say, a bladed edge, just to be more versatile? This isn’t likely at all, but I figured it was worth asking.
1) A Toa can focus their elemental power through any physical object, so my guess is she focuses it either through her ghost blaster or through her other hand.

2 Is Onua’s laser sight his new Toa tool?
2b. If not, did he not get one from Artahka, or does he simply not use the one he got?
2) No

6 If Gali’s or Onua’s adaptive projectile weapon were to adapt into something besides a Nynrah Ghost Blaster, would the new weapon keep the sight?
6) No idea.,26
For #s 1 and 2, the part of my question I’m most concerned about is this: Did Artahka give Gali and Onua Toa Tools besides their adaptive weapons? ? They don’t have any in the set (unless you count Onua’s multi-resistant shield), but it’s conceivable that they might have other weapons.
1) Since they don’t have them in the sets, answer’s no.,31-32
5. I was reading Aanchir discussion with you regarding Gali and Onua’s weapons, and you replied since they didn’t have any on the sets, they don’t have melee weapons. What do you mean by that exactly?
5a. Is it reasonable to guess that for some reason, the adaptive armor decided to give Gali and Onua weaponry attachments ( Gali has crosshairs and Onua has a fancy “grip” for the NGB ) instead of actual melee weapons?
5) I meant since the sets don’t have melee weapons, the characters in story don’t either.
5a) No, because the armor didn’t “give” the others melee weapons either. The weapon is a separate object.

So, sounds like Gali doesn’t have a melee weapon, no. The Onua stuff isn’t really valid since he does have the shield in the sets. Calls into question Kopaka’s blade though.

There’s also this weird statement:
1 After Toa Nuva get them Adaptive armor, each of them (except Gali) has a launcher and a melee weapon. The launcher is adaptive, as Onua notices in BL10 that his Midak Skyblaster had changed into a Nynrah Ghost Blaster. But are the melee weapons, such as Lewa’s Air Saber, adaptive?
1) Not to my knowledge

Strange, since same year earlier he answered this:
Hi, I just had one question.
Tahu Star is shown with his old Fire Sword. But his original Fire Sword was transformed into the Magma Swords, which he discarded in exchange for his adaptive armor and adaptive Toa Tool. So, is the Fire Sword on the Stars Tahu set the form his adaptive Toa Tool takes in response to his devolution into a Toa Mata? And if so, then if Tahu were to go into another environment, (let’s say a swamp, for an easy example) would it turn into the Rotating Fire Blades again, or did the Ignika lock it in its Fire Sword form when it transformed Tahu?
Thanks in advance.
It is his adaptive tool, yes, and yes, it most likely would change again if need be.

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It did. That is why he is not a 1:1 copy of his 2001 self.

It did transform it into a normal Hau (not Hau Nuva), but it is still a protosteel adaptive mask.