Couple of "Urban" Toa

Couple of builds I’ve done a while ago, they portrait so-called “Urban Nuva”, variations of Toa Nuva Adaptive Armor they might have in Metru Nui. Only 4 of 6 are done, since I have no ideas for Gali and Pohatu atm

Built and rendered in using Biopack, Galvapack, couple of other custom pieces and my own colorpack.


Wow I would buy these in a heartbeat!

They take some of the good parts of a metru build and totally upgrade it with the custom parts! I love the colour choices and although the green and white is unusual it makes sense. The masks as well definitely resemble their previous versions although personally they just seem too detailed or something? As to ideas for Pohatu and Gali, I guess the inverted torso again for Pohatu? I’m sure you know best and perhaps it won’t work with the custom parts. I guess for Gali would be good with hooks and flippers or maybe a double of that?

The masks were designed by Galva as redesigns of the flight-adapted Kanohi Nuva, so they’re technically meant for the Phantoka and Mistika. That might be why they look overly complex for a Metru build.

Also, I’m not sure, but I think all six can accommodate a Mahri visor. Can anyone confirm this?

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They can use Mahri visor, but specifically Galva’s version of it

Ah, so 3D printed versions of the masks wouldn’t be compatible with official visors?

Some of them would be, but not all. I don’t remember which are and which are not

Welp, I guess I’ll find out if I buy them

Tahu looking like Vohtarak there!

I like these! The adaptive armor was a really cool story gimmick that was criminally under-explored. I’d like concepts for lots of scenarios, but these are nice for the city.

These are cool they fit the Metru astatic and have nice secondary colors. The weapons are nice choices too.


Gali, Pohatu, and Lewa’s masks are compatible with mahri visors. The rest aren’t.


Came with idea for Gali, also tried using silver chest and shoulder armor


Looks great i like the orange reminiscent of the g2 version. (Also a thing on your colorpack it seems to not work for me when put in custom colors i have the colors currently in no use so any tip for that(i followed all the steps in the guide the right way))

Make sure folder you are installing pack to is C:\ProgramData\Studio\CustomColors, and not some other folder

Yeah it is that one, where i try to put it in. Is it maybe any different on Mac?


Mac like Apple computer? Then you need [username].local\share\Studio


Ok i put it in