Crackle: Protector of Blue Raspberry

Another entry to the Protector of Junk Food Challenge, this time we have the protector of all candies flavored of Blue Raspberry. He comes equipped with a Blue Raspberry Lollipop hammer and rock candy sword.


This looks great, now I’m thirsty.

Does he shoot blue raspberry pellets from his chest?

This moc is sweet.

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It looks pretty good, but the mask looks a bit weird with the rest of the MOC.

It was the best photoshop job I could do, I used the mask maker mask, I wanted to use the water mask, but thought that since the mask maker mask had trans light blue in it that it would be easier.

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This looks pretty good. Nice job

Crackle, huh?

So is there a Snap and a Pop?


You misspelled the name. it’s Blue Razzleberry.

Cool Moc, but the mask doesn’t quite fit with the rest, and the black bones in the feet don’t fit well either.