Craw, The Gatekeeper

This is more of a fun MOC since I used it to test my abilities with improvising with pieces. I basically had dug my hand throughout my mess of pieces and took the main ones I found and built around them. I will say that finding a use for rahkshi limbs is pretty hard.


This looks superb.🙋 High Five!

he's a buff merman

I wish he had more warm grey, but otherwise the guy seems good


looks pretty awesome, but I think there should be just a little more room between the torso and the tail

Nice merman sir.

this is awesome, I love how unique it is

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Nice. This is the first mer-MOC that I've seen besides mine. Man that guy was hard to stand up.

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Merman? More like Merbot.

Nice MoC I can see that a lot of creativity was put into this. My one complaint is the exposed pins on the chest... For obvious and legitimate reasons, I think. 9.9/10

Really like the top section

the bottom section seems a tad too wide and bulky to be a fin

The tail has a really interesting design to it. Nice job

I really like the tail design.

You would think to guard a gate, you know, legs would be important.

What if the gate is underwater?

This MoC makes me think of some of the oddball characters G1 added to the ranks of the Order of Mata-Nui.

Okay, this is really cool. I like that mermaid tail!

So is he the Gatekeeper
Who is the Keymaster then?

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Great job, the Antroz blades look great as a tail :grinning:

Really awesome mermaid creature check

Looks awesome! Love how you used the Antroz blades to form the tail.

Somehow I think it isn't this guy: