Crazy places where you found usefull LEGO parts

I once found The almost complete Nokama from 2005, plus a tone of extra bionicle parts from other sets, for the crazy price of 15 RON (around 3$) at a Flea Market. Anyone else ever found usefull LEGO parts in places like this?

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Most of the parts I find aren’t useful, but I found a ran-over HeroFactory white chest armor in the parking lot of a summer camp.


What do you mean? What paking lot?

Just a random one outside a conference center. My youth group and I were about to board a bus, when I saw just a random piece. If it worked, I would have picked it up, but it didn’t.

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That sems like an odd place to find parts, but hey, this is what this topic is about!

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I found useful pieces in nexo knights sets. /s


No, I mean in crazy places not in crazy sets

I suppose a set could be considered a “place”

Well, it is not what I meant when I said “places”

It is still weird to find something useful there :stuck_out_tongue:

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@EmperorDuckie very funny…

But did you ever found in a place like I or @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister did? something similar to that ?

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No. Sorry

I found a bunch of Lego pieces and figures in a burger box buried in the edge of the field of my school. Is that too weird?


I found a Riddler minifigure in the parking lot of my doctor’s office when I was a little kid…
Now THAT was a cool find.


My little brother found a dark red metru thigh armor on the grocery store floor…It’s mine now…


What would a dark red metru thigh armor be doing in a grocery store?

Found Rebooted Zane in a parking lot, it was perfect since he was the only rebooted ninja I needed to have all the ninja


No idea, it’s in perfect condition.


To find the exact ninja you needed in such an odd place seems super lucky to me

I found red axles at a school and on my street, Atlantis pieces at a hall, and a giant box of Bionicle at a secondhand store.

I also found a near complete large Mega Bloks figure at a park.

Recently my mum found a mint condition sealed Lego games set wrapped in bubble wrap at a secondhand store (she didn’t buy it :confused: )

Apart from that, my Grandma and Mum have found countless amounts of Bionicle boxes at secondhand stores. Strangely enough, they didn’t buy them for me lol. Sadly now, when I’m able to go to the secondhand stores by myself, I never find any Bionicle boxes anymore.

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