Create-A-Hero/Villain: Community Artwork Project

Since I am really busy and didn’t any time of creating new characters so now I needing some help to created new characters.

The Rules are

  1. Your character have to be human.
    2.The Charcters will have a Bio,and with Gender,Powers,Location,Real Name, & Costumes.
    3.And The Meaning and Animal also be a reason of why this animal is choose for that meaning.

Characters that I already created

Normal Engery Users
1.Blue Phantom (EA:Lion/Meaning: Hope)
2.Purple Owl (EA:Snowy Owl/Meaning: Wisdom)
3.Green Phoenix (EA:Green Phoenix/Meaning:Joy;her debut in this month)
4.Orange Flame (EA: Asian Dragon/Meaning: Peace)
5. Red Neon (EA: Wolf/Meaning: Braveful)
6. “Light” Dove (EA: Dove/Meaning: Light)
7.Pink Fairly (EA: Peacock/Meaning: Love)
8.Rainbow Godness (EA: Chimera /Meaning: Mischief)

Dark Engery Users

  1. Dark Phantom (EA: Raven/Meaning: “Dark”)
  2. Yellow Fever (EA: Rattlesnake/Meaning: Fear)
  3. Teal Mistress (EA: Tiger/Meaning: Deception)

Good Off-Shoot Engery Users

  1. Indigo Phantom (EA: Cheetah/Meaning; Healing)

Dark Off-Shoot Engery Users
1.Dark Blue Phantom (EA: Griffath/Meaning: Pride)
2. Dark Purple Owl (EA: Great Horn Owl/Meaning: Sloth)
3.Dark Green Phoenix (EA: Asian Phoenix/Meaning: Wrath)
4.Dark Orange Flame (EA: European Dragon/Meaning: Greed)
5.Dark Red Neon (EA: Hyena/Meaning: Crowandly)

Legendary Energy Users

  1. Time Master (EA: T-Rex/Meaning: Time/Color:Bonze)
  2. Life Master (EA: Mammoth/Meaning: Life/Color: Gold)
  3. Creation Mistress (EA: Gorilla/Meaning: Creation/Color: Silver)

Sign-Up for colors

Normal Energy Users
1.Brown (EA: Bear/Meaning: ???) -

Dark Enegry Beings
1.Off-White (EA:???/Meaning:???)-

Good Off-Shoot Energy Users
1.Lavendar (OS: Purple/EA: Hawk/Meaning: Truth)-
2.Scarlet (OS: Red/EA: Bull/Meaning: ???)-
3.Lime (OS: Green/EA: ???/Meaning???)-
4.Tan (OS: Brown/EA: ???/Meaning: ???)- @Ninjanicktf
5.Gray (OS: White and Black/EA: Bat/Meaning: ???)-
6.Periwinkle (OS: Blue/EA: ???/Meaning:???)-
7.Azaul (OS: Blue/EA: Dolphin/Meaning: Grace)-
8.Dark Azaul (OS: Blue/EA: Shark/Meaning:)-

Dark Off-shoot Energy Users
1.Dark Pink (OS:Pink/EA: ???/Meaning: Lust)-
2.Dark Rainbow (OS: Rainbow/ EA:???/Meaning: Devastation) -
3.Gunmetal (OS: Life/EA: Buzzer/Meaning: Death)-

Aw, I wanted to make a dog /s

I’m a little confused-are we supposed to use the

to create the characters?

  1. You can make a dog as a Energy Animal :wink:
    2.Yes to created a Character of one color.

Dang it. When I first read this, I thought it said “Moc Project”. I’ll be watching this anyway, I like the idea.