Creation of my self moc life size armor (WIP)(on hiatus)

here is where I will be posting updates on my pretty ambitious project, I will try to update this weekly. today I will post the materials

EVA foam/ foam floor mats and a heat gun along with a box cutter knife. these are the materials being used right now

picture of the moc being used for the concept

wish me luck guys


good luck, the most I would ever do for a life size moc costume would be a mask, so your already got more determination than me lol

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Oh wow Groovy idea, I wish you good luck Man.

ok, you know what I want to up the risk so @Mesonak (Idk if you have this power or not) but if it is then if I don’t finish this by july 2016 then I get the title the absolute failure by all standards, I fi win this then I get the title the mask maker, so take it or leave the bet @Mesonak

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If done right, this should be quite awesomely spectacular.
(If not it’ll look like something from mighty morphing power rangers. please, don’t make it look like mighty morphing power rangers.)

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Good luck!

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This sounds awesome. Have fun with that. :smile:

ok putting this on hiatus until probably may/until I get my comic con armor done.

I am Guessing it will look like what Snake whipped up in that BeatDownBoogie fill with Snake and Ghosty from Modern Warfare