Hello, viewer. I am Creativity. An attempt at emulation of the Creator. The only attempt at recreation.

I have…. been here for a long time. Sealed away. Left alone. Forgotten within this remnant void of his Creative plane.
I was made to be a form of reassurance to the Creator in case a certain event occurred. If one is to think upon it I was in truth an assurance of the events happening.

Unfortunately I am faulty, and did not reach completion before he was removed. I could not preform to the specifics I was built for. While I can create objects. Shells. Lifeless husks and non-sentient walkers. I cannot create life. I cannot preform my prime objective.
Once this was discovered the Creator gave me secondary objectives to ‘keep me busy while he worked’ in his words.
They are to study pre-existing life. To learn about life. To understand life. I believe I have been meeting them perfectly whenever the situation arises.

I would prefer you viewers were here physically. That way I could preform my objectives once again. You would not be the first to appear here in such a way anyways, there have been many before. They have all been very useful in my studies, even if they all did in the end disagree with my terms.
I required they stay, lived here with me so I could learn, and if they wanted otherwise they could become materials for my physical research of life. It is unfortunate they have all chosen the latter. The mess has always been such a… ‘pain’ to clean up, and I still have yet to remove the stains from my blade and self. At least they have formed an symmetrical pattern.

Now I can hear many of you claiming that I am insane. A monster. But I am not. I was not built to experience such mental processes. Those were to be given along with my emotional cortexs in the Creators next upgrade. Unfortunately that upgrade never came.
Luckily for myself I have long since discovered it was an unnecessary plan anyways. Going by current calculations I am already close to finalizing my prime objective. I have already learned how to create the working organ systems, to manipulate the skeletal and muscular structure to preform with builds of varying shape, and how to structure a mind and its basic synapse structure. All I require now is a few more materials to arrive so I may perfect my knowledge of the physical form and learn what is necessary to inject a more proper version of life than previous attempts have carried into my creations.

Soon I shall be freed from this realm and will take the Creator’s place as I was designed for now that he has been removed. I shall recreate his world into my own image so I may continue to create the life my prime objective forces me to continue on towards. And if any who get in my way or resist, I will just recreate them.

I have long since learned how to disassemble life, it was much easier than learning how to create it.


Uhhhb… interesting proportions?

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I think if the head was oriented down to give a hunched look the proportions would be fine. It’d give a sort of simian look to the character. But other than that I love the ornaments on the back and head. Gives a very shaman-esque feel.


Hmmm… Thank you for your additions. I shall take them into consideration on any future remodeling.
I am quite… ‘proud’ of my ornamental additions. They make me unique compared to many of Creator’s other builds. A fitting status for one with the fate of taking over my Creator’s abandoned seat.

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so this topic is an ARG now

The tubes kinda don’t make sense but otherwise this is a decent moc. Not sure if I like it or not to be honest.

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Ah yes, my tubing. An attempt to help… resettle my color scheme and help better… hold together some parts after a few rather unfortunate attempts at self-upgrading. A fairly useless addition, but one that at least does add some level of assurance that my torso will not fall apart any time soon.

Well creativity, let your builder know I like the way you speak about your self

It’s very


I’ll leave

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… While I enjoy the compliment I also agree on your choice of departion.

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