Creature revamps (ketar and terak)

I apologize for camera quality, it’s cloudy and I’ve been wanting to show these off.

Them in animal firm. But wait…

Boom! Humanoid form!

That’s all I got. Not fond of the terrak revamp, but it’s it’s own Creature. These are not meant to be the same. But, they are their “children?”
(Had no other clue what to call them) The Earth Creature is Gaei, and the stone creature is Amber.


I like the Earth one better.

Thanks, but the earth one didn’t have as much time put into it. With the stone one, I completly rebuilt it. Also, I made a HUGE Moc and just wait. (It unites with Gaei!)

(looks at Terak start thinking) BEAST WARS

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Ive heard of that. Is that transformers? I’ve never watched beast wars. Is it good?

it is transformers and it is good but it does come with a tear jerker moment

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I’m gonna assume someone dies. Anyway, I’ll Google it

you would have to watch it to find out

Don’t you dare google any spoilers for it.
And about the MOCs, I can’t beleive I’m saying this, but I prefer Ketar over Terak.

I meant I’ll Google it to watch it.

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All I can think of.

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Ah… what?

I like the Ketar revamp a little better but I think they both look really nice

nice !
i like what you did with Ketar.

I like what you did to Ketar