Creeping Into Life: A Creeping in My Soul/Bring Me To LIfe Mashup

Mashed up these two notably compared songs in what I thought would be the first mashup like so until I searched YouTube today and saw that someone had also done one, albeit with not the same result at all even if coincidentally, both end with BMtL’s end verse syncing up with CiMS’s end verse that comes from the Barraki Promo CD version.

I used Adobe Audition for this mashup, including the audio extracting process for some of CiMS’s audio, while for BMtL I used an instrumental and solo acapella I found.


This is surprisingly really good

Really edgy, but good

The two songs are semi-edgy, so it’s kind of a given this will sound edgy


Wow. Not what I was expecting, but I like it.

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