Creeps bucket of MOC's

Hello Its Me, I will just post Many Mocs i made, and some will have name, since im kinnda sleepy and angry:


He has Advanced Jump Pack, and uses Booster Blade (He is acctualy one of my 2 OC's)

Simple as he is, I Like him

My other Oc (Needs Name):

Just Type of Biomechanical Wolf

Nokama Nuva (Idk anymore):

She uses Big Flipper thingy inspired by Gali 2015

..and Gali Mata Hooks

Devo, Silent Dark Hunter:

Just inika-build Moc

An Le-Koran Defense Droid (Made By Nuparu and Turaga Matau):

I will upload More Later .-. (One to be exact)


I like these guys, my favourite is the werewolf dude :3

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Agreed with sidorak. The werewolf's the best

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I do like him, but i prefer Archangel wink

These are cool.

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I like Nokama's weapon

Love that jump-pack!

That head is amazing! The custom torso looks really neat too!

Interesting Metru-build. Though if you really want her to be a "Nuva" Toa, I reccomend adding more silver armor.

Cool crossbow design!

More pics please?

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Okie, I will do them when i will make Drawing Batch!

I like taht ammout of silver tho!

Just dont talk about torso.. it Took me about 2/3 Hours to Make good Tail attachment!

Hold By Friction!


Alternate Dimension Takanuva! (or simply one of shadow takanuvas)
Well He is from futuristic dimension! i have no backstory as for now,

(Topic is alive! again...)


smiley I sense that you had a lot of fun building these guys! To me that makes them 200x cooler!

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