Crimson V3

NAME: "Crimson"
GENDER: male.
RACE: unknown.
POWERS: unknown.
FAMILY: unknown.
TOOLS: Blades, shotguns, pistols. unknown.
BIO: Crimson came to being at a unknown time, he was made by the Creator as a study in mixing DNA to make a being to hunt down and kill RaptorTalon. who had recently gone rouge. a crime boss by the name of Jazz heard of his creation by spies and stole his dormant form. she upgraded him and trained him in the art of combat. she was amazed by the fact that he did not care if he had to kill. his blood stained armor got him the titles of "Crimson" "murderer" and "shredder" after a while he left Jazz to began his own gang and has since amassed a army of assassins and mercenaries.

So! onto the MOC!

Sorry about the dark pics...



backdrop's bad... and the MOC... what even is it? I can't tell

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I like it! It reminds me of the movie Rahkshi.

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Okay...and it is my own thing.

@noob1234 thanks man.

I actually like the head

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