Crimson V4

Theme song (kinda) Thanks to @Toa_Ketros for finding this for me. do please check him out, he is a far better MOCist then me.

NAME: “Crimson” “Red scourge” “Blood drinker” “shredder” “monster” “Trigger” and many more. he tends to go by Crimson.
GENDER: male.
Race: unknown.
WEAPONS: a lot of blades and things that go boom.
FAMILY: none.
COLOR: Reds and blacks, a bit of grey.
PERSONALITY: He was once cheerful and friendly to those he trusted. he also tends to have his own look on life yet he is a murderous psycho, and he showed it proudly. He is also prone to talking to inanimate objects. but after the battle against Larkzan, he has become more cruel, bitter, and angry.
BIO: unknown. his past is shrouded in mystery. and most everyone that was involved in his creation are dead. he was however, when he was just a blank body (that means he had no mind, they could have made him a drone like they wanted) but instead he was rescued by Jazz (Not the Transformer, shut up) he was then trained by her to be an assassin, and solider. during all of this he pieced together a personality from what was around him. and needless to say, those were not good things. he was dubbed as insane by most, due to the fact he found enjoyment and pleasure, in brutal murder. at some point in his life he met Darclex, and helped him join Jazz' group. and then the rest...GO READ MY STORY!


Legs. nothing too new, the middle bone is longer now, and has a larger armor piece, but that is it.

Waist, it is pretty new, but was based around a update on his older one that was never posted.

boom. Torso, it is completely new. the chest and neck are mounted on an XT4 torso. which allows plenty of balljoints to mount armor on. the head is nothing new. and the arms are thicker and longer now. and before you all throw a fit, I KNOW HE LACKS THAT MUCH DARK RED. BUT HE IS USING ALL THE DARK RED CCBS I HAVE!

Side view of the legs.

Side of the torso and arms.




Beating the heck out of @PekekoaOfJungle

With his partner in crime, Racela.

Killing old people.

With his old friend, Darclex.

Fighting my updated Skull Slicer.

Facing off against Skull warrior, who also has some updates.

Smacking the poor guy with the sharp end of the blade.

Fighting Kulta for the mask of creation! why he wants it...because its pretty.

I guess he won?

Hanging with Racela, and the Skull dudes. probably talking them into beating up more innocent people.


Well, that is Crimson everybody! he is certainly one of my better MOCs, and the first of a few with a newer building style I have been trying to prefect. he may not be the greatest MOC ever, but I think he is good enough for me. What do you think?


8/8, mate. This is great!

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Thanks man!

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Cool upgrade, my favorite aspect has to be the torso. Something about it looks cool.

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Thanks man! that would be two of us.

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Cool MOC, but I have one question. Why isn't Pekekoa wearing a protector mask?

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Thank you! and because I do not have one.

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I got to admit this is great!
Looks solid.

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Thanks! and he is meant to not only look solid, but be solid. (Unlike past versions)

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Color sceme is nothing new but effective
Good body construction
BIO remind me of one of my moc


Upper arm doesn't fit well

Looks top heavy

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Okay, Thanks!

Why. :cry:

This guy reminds me of an Elite, I like him!

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Because I had your MOC handy...

and reasons.

Thanks! he is kinda inspired by them.

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Sounds like an individual I would like to meet.

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if he does not find you first, blow you to pieces while laughing like a mad man. and then hiding in wait for people to find your remains so he can murder them as well.

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