Crimson V5: Blood of Centuries

Name: His real name is unknown, but he tends to go as “Crimson”
Gender: Male.
Species: Genetically-engineered, Techno-organic being.
Abilities: Natural super strength, Enhanced speed. and durability.
Weapons: Mace-hammer. Shotgun. (None of them are on this page, sorry)
Personality: Insane, Murderous. He has cared about few people, and was always screwed over. as such, he kills people that others care about. He also has a odd taste for fresh blood.
Bio: Little is known about Crimson’s early years, only that he is hundreds of years old, and had a large part in the Kerosiian wars. rumor says that he was created by the Kerosiians, but little is for certain. However at one point he was captured and placed in a stasis pod, were he spent a few hundred years. He was moved to a cell for questioning, were he escaped and is currently assembling some kind of plan.


Feet and shins. well, not so much feet. they are just black piraka feet with stuff on the heals.

So you people may be screaming about how he looks kinda…messy…It was intentional. he is meant to look like a freakish, bizzare, strange creature. wearing armor that does not quite flow together, he is a bounty hunter. he takes what he can get, he is not gonna make a whole armor suit just to look good. the most he would do is paint it red or gunmetal.

You may also be screaming about how much his colors are whacked up…well…I already told you. But I would fix the red to dark red ratio if I could, but I cant right now.

So yeah! The 5th version of my secondary SelfMOC! I am pretty happy with how he turned out, but don’t be suprised if you see a new version before next year. Any-shoot, Hope you all enjoyed!

P.S. I figured out the thing.


You must be full of sunshine s/


How is this possible


I sure am! thanks!


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This guy is tall.
And thin.
And arguably one of your best MOCs thus far. Either right next to or just a hair above the most recent version of RaptorTalon.

Really the only thing I can see that needs improvement is the lower legs, specifically the Stormer XL feet. I’d recommend using a few Technic (or perhaps System) pieces to fill in the gaps (primarily the one in the middle of the piece where one would normally put a socket joint).


Intended, it is a look I wanted, to kinda make him seem more alien, and less fat like the old versions.

Thanks! RT has gotten some updates as of late.


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Nicely done!

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Thank ye.

This is actually really cool! :smiley:

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As stated before, the only parts I think need improvement are the lower legs. Otherwise this dude is awesome, not as awesome as Raptor, but still awesome.

Crimson: “Welcome to the panic room Raptor…”


Thank you! I will be working on those, seeing as I am not a huge fan of them either.

This is very nice!

Ya did good man!

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