Cringy BIONICLE Universe Plan (planned since 2009)

I had these ideas in my as kid since late 2009…kinda planned out like a Marvel Universe. (the Marvel Universe-esque planning began around 2013-2015)

Being the crackheaded-kid I was back then, I wanted to make my own BIONICLE TV Show with multiple seasons…

I’ve kept these ideas by writing them down on my iPod touch as a kid or by drawing the plans on paper themselves, and I feel like I could share these ideas with the BIONICLE community.

Prepare to cringe, as this entire plan was made through the span of 8 years. (The last 4 years were basically made out of boredom and freetime, instead of the first 4 years that my entire childhood was devoted to) All of the “storyarcs” or “pretend TV seasons/waves” are in their chronological story order, with the year it was created on the left of the title.

2009-2010: BIONICLE: ANIME
Due to my recent love for Transformers: Animated as a young child, (I’m probably giving away my age now) for some stupid reason I had decided to draw out this idea for a TV show involving the BIONICLE characters in animated form.

The protagonists were Tahu, Gali, and Gresh. (I don’t know why I only planned three Toa and chose those specific characters, don’t ask.)

Basically the story of this specific “era” was that Makuta was planning to take over the island of Mata Nui and the three Toa must stop him. I wasn’t onboard with the animal/rahi stuff as a kid so I replaced them with “Spiderdrones,” which were basically flying robotic-spider-like robots that I drew who was commanded by a leader who had spider-like-legs.

This was basically a rehash of the 2001 story.
Moving on to the more intriguing stuff.

This cringy story arc involved a new legendary artifact surfacing on the island, called the “Fusion Crystal” which gave the users the ability to combine into a more powerful lifeform.
This was influenced by my childlike imagination from the Fusion Combiners toyline of the Transformers and the “combine and strike” storyarc from that one Hot Wheels show…I think it was Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.

2011-2011: BIONICLE NUVA
The three Toa upgrade into Nuva Armor to take down Makuta and his newly-created forces, (presumably from the Fusion Crystal, I have a bad memory) and there was this dude that joined the Toa team named Borhox who had once led a Borhok swarm against them during the story arc. He would later play a bigger role in the story later on. There was also this “CLAWZ” subplot which involved the Toa finding these sacred claw-like weapons but I don’t have a good memory about that either. However I do remember that Makuta later died in the supposedly “final battle” between the Toa and the Makuta.

2012-2014: BIONICLE ERA
I began to take an on-and-off break from writing these story-arcs and drawing the characters, especially during 2013, so BIONICLE ERA was kind of the “boring point” in the story.
Due to a new tyrant taking of the city of Metru Nui, (which was located on Mata Nui for some odd reason) the Toa have been in hiding. However the Toa manage to get themselves motivated enough to stand up for the persecuted civilians of Metru Nui and foil the tyrant’s plans to awaken Makuta back from the dead by trying to create contact with the Dark Dimension, which was kind of the “Shadow Realm” that stored spirits/souls of evil beings after death. The tyrant later gets killed in the end, however his plan succeeds as Makuta is reawakened.

The final parts of my stupid universe will be posted soon. I feel too lazy right now.
Ask any questions you would like about the universe and I may plan to post the designs that I made as a kid for these characters.


I made my own cringy BIONICLE comic books as a kid to expand on the plot of 2009, but they went missing years ago. I didn’t get very far, because all the characters were really hard to draw and I gave up. :stuck_out_tongue: