Critiquing other's MOCs

Basically, either ask or show your mocs and several people have to critique it. Totes not a copy of Ek’s topic but basicly general critique for any and everyone. No rating system so just make one on your own.



Have fun!

The horn thing is emo hair and the large amount of gold is to make him look completely armored. Saying he has too much gold is like saying this guy has too much silver.

Critique away!


His calves could use some armor coverage, and instead of wielding two weapons, I feel you should just emphasize the staff and get more on it. Filling those empty holes on the chest wouldn’t hurt either. Still, the color scheme’s consistent, and he’s solid enough in most areas, if rather basic.



Go crazy.

@helryx This guy does look pretty good,however his body looks a little plain from the front,and the ‘emo hair’ sticks out too much. otherwise he’s simple but pretty nice.


Solid color flow and build. The ankles look a bit thin, and the head looks too wide for the body, but other than that it’s good.


[quote=“helryx, post:3, topic:8205”]
The horn thing is emo hair
[/quote]dear lord that “hair” looks bad, it looks like he glued a sword to his forehead.

otherwise, what cordak said.

@Ghosty you really need to invert the tires, and change the feet.


Here’s some images of the most recent version of my self-MOC for critiquing. Knock yourselves out.

Also, which heartstone color do you guys prefer: white or red?

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Neon green, if it is available (to match his eyes).

If it’s not available, then I say red.

I have a neon-green stud, so it’s doable.

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How’s this?

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nice skirt and spines.

that is all

oh also he looks phat

It’s a kusazuri…


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Heres the current verison of Toa Stoax. Or as some people like to call him (which makes me want to eat a cactus), Pohatu on steroids.

Now before you type about the black skrall plating, yes, it does stick out. However, I only have one skrall armor piece in tan. I would love to use bricklink and get another in tan, but I don’t use paypal (CURSE YOU BRICKLINK!).

One of the modifications I gave him was to add rubber tires in areas that were rather skinny. Here, not only does it flesh out the arms, but it helps to spread out the black on him a bit more

Added black ball joints to fill in the legs and spread the black some more.

I took out some of the broken or customly made parts on his legs to make them look nicer. Aside from the visible blue and red pins (I can see @Eljay screaming in horror), I like the look of them. The thickness of them flows nicely with the rest of the model.

(older photo) With the matoro armor piece I tried raising the back to give the illusion of juggernaut armor

kinda like this


Just my opinion, but the system and Bionicle/technic parts don’t really flow well together.
Those Stringer helmets used for shoulder armor don’t look nice to me. They look like random chunks of black and disrupt the colour scheme. Maybe put silver armor instead to go with his feet and thigh armor (there’s barely any silver on his upper body anyway).
Love the complexity though


I disagree with the Stringer helmets looking bad. They fit the MOC quite well in my opinion

IMO, I feel you need to do something about that silver. It’s just so sparsely distributed it stands out like a sore thumb. There’s at least enough black that the Stringer helmets fit, but I can’t say the same for the silver. Get some tan kickers for his feet and something black or tan for those three silver plates. Same goes for those calf plates. The silver’s the only thing holding me back from giving an 8.



My mocs name is the beast of anhilation

. more pictures are on the post for him