Cronk's attempts a Female MOC build: Flagra and a Vortixx

Well, I hated how my last female MOC went down, so I decided I needed to actually use CCBS for the better and create some female MOCs. Tally ho…

Sorry for the blurry images BTW.

Well, here’s Flagra. I decided to make her look more like a Toa. I would have added a flag but I had no construction paper or anything to do that.

I gave her the Kaukau Nuva back. I also gave her a new staff and decided to give her a light-up eyepiece since Kylerak wasn’t using it for anything.

I wanted to use silver hands but I kept those for the next female MOC. I also gave her Skull Spider armor at the hips.

I really tried to show off that she can bend her waist a bit, because I wanted her to be more flexible than Cronk.

Gravity wouldn’t allow me to do this pose so I had to hold it up with my hand. She’s pretty flexible, except for the arms, which are a bit stiff. The legs and waist are great though.

Ditto my last comment.

The flexibility only allows it to go a little bit forward but quite a bit to the side.

A size comparison up with Cronk. Since they’re partners in crime I felt this would also be a nice group shot. Thankfully they’re about the same height.

Onto the Vortixx. She was made with leftover pieces, plus I wanted to make a Vortixx again. I couldn’t find a black thin beam so unfortunately her mouth is left open like that.

This one shows a bit of the flexibility of the torso going forward.

The back is nothing to write home about, really. Not happy with the thighs either but I didn’t have a lot of piece to work with. I like everything else tho.

Obligatory “draw me like one of your french girls” meme goes here.

Which do you guys prefer? What should I fix! Lemme know, guys!


Looks good, and I feel like the nuva boobs kinda work on the second one even though they stick out a little, maybe add some smoother pieces to help them fit in a little more though.

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Nuva boobs don’t work well IMO. The Vortixx would need smoother armor for it to work.


The first one is simple, yet it looks good.

The Vortixx suffers from Roodaka syndrome, but it’s not bad.

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Both look pretty good, but I don’t really fancy the Nuva boobs on the second.

Honestly, the torsos don’t look great IMO. Outside of that, they aren’t bad.

I like the simplistic look of Flagra, and the distribution of silver and gunmetal. I also got the chance to see a red Kaukau Nuva irl, so that’s cool (I plan on using it for something).
The Vortixx… Well, the Nuva boobs are well integrated. I didn’t even notice them at first. But they still stick out. The rest of her build is pretty much technic and G1 pieces, which I don’t have anything to say about, besides that everything’s well shaped.

Flagra looks good in general, but could use some work on the front of her waist. I’d probably replace the black metru chestplate with silver and find another way to attach those Bohrok eyes(the blue pins stick out like sore thumbs). Speaking of thumbs, I also recommend that you just use the normal red hands for her. The trans orangish red just isn’t prevalent enough a color in the rest of the build to justify them, and their being next to those rahkshi thighs(which are also off colorscheme for her) make the entire forearms stick out in a bad way.

That said, in most poses she looks pretty solid proportionally and I like that I can tell where she’s wearing her additional armor bits. The part choices look very cohesive in that respect. Also, the red Kaukau Nuva looks really cool.

The Vortixx Looks… Alright. She’s kind of odd texturally; I can’t tell whether the black material is supposed to be smooth and the silver is complex or vice versa. You have the really smooth CCBS in black, but then those Metru feet break it up. Likewise, the skull spider masks and Visorak shins are complex looking, but the Nuva shoulders are smooth. This all culminates to a character that’s confusing to the eye. This isn’t something that people tend to think about it when moccing(I’m very guilty of it too), but often the texture layering will make or break a character before even considering complexity of build or creativity.

And her cleavage is too wide.

That’s not an intentional clevage lol.

Yeah it was more of a scrap build if anything so I could tell whether I could use different parts to accomplish a different look. I’m more happy with Flagra.

Well I wish another MOC wasn’t using them currently. Lol.

Yeah, I wanted the gunmetal bits to be like additional add-ons. If they had gunmetal grey skull spiders I would have used those instead for the hips.

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OK, here’s what you do, take the arms and legs of flagra, and the torso of the vortixx, make the colors consistent, flip the shells on the upper legs and put add-ons on the lower legs, now you have a pretty decent moc. As it is these are both lacking.

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Does this work?


It looks better, though the legs are still a little awkward,lose the friction adders and I think the lower limb shells should be silver.

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I don’t have anymore of those in silver unfortunately. I’m stuck with it.

Ohhh this looks really good!