Cronk's Quest to be the Best - A Pokemon Yellow LP

I'm just joking dude, it's just that the little peep looks an awfull lot like me so I thought that was my cameo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do you see what I mean now?

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Yeah I do. :smile:

I really don't feel like glitching the game as of now. I've already missed on a few opportunities to glitch the game, so I won't do it now. I'm just gonna play the game and catch all the possible Pokemon.


cronk should i get Pokemon yellow and try to become better than you? ( i haven't played Pokemon in at least a year)

No you shouldn't.

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ok ( i am probably going to get some other gameboy game like mortal combat or megaman )
back on topic : good luck on this quest

Lol dude I'm kidding. Of course you can play the game. Although Megaman seems like it would also be good.

Thanks! It's gonna be a long and hard journey!


This is great, dude! Definitely worth watching.

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you have a youtube channel ? * Quickly Subscribes *
i wish you luck on your quest to be the very best
i am watching these right now ^^

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Great Videos.
You almost achieved something this time.
Someday you will.
I just know it...

...On a completely unrelated side note, if there is ever that gets something named after me, which I'm not telling you to do, but if you choose to, with your own free will and all that, please, please, please don't have my name in all caps, unless you call it ELK, anything and your dead to me....

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This is great. References are 10/10.

Since Plural the Caterpie is gonna become the ultimate Powder Master, I decided to make this:

You should've played Pokemon Crystal
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I wanted to do this one so I could make it coincide with the Pokemon TV show (because Slime is making something special for the series). I'll definitely try Crystal when I'm done with it.


So you're gonna do all of the Enhanced versions?

I don't know if I can do all the enhanced versions of the games. I'm just playing this on a website so Gen III may be impossible to do.


Yellow-Crystal-Emerald-[insert remake here]-Platinum?

I'm assuming that's where you're going.

I could get you a working emulator that doesn't require much computer power. Unless you don't want that, then in that case, two games it is.

Well, you could download VisualBoyAdvanced.

I'd love to use that when I'm done with Crystal!

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The series will be even better than twitchplayspokemon!


Episode 4 is out!

Also, I made the mistake when I said Celadon when I was trying to prove myself wrong. Whoops.