Crosly, the warrior of the crimson dusk.

Before we start, two things:

  1. I’ve been trying this new set-up, so tell me what you think.

  2. I have built this M.O.C. over a year ago and have been meaning to show it off. So, here he is: Crosly.

He is my most complex M.O.C. right now, but he still has flaws that need to be addressed. First off, his hip. The axle used dose not have a lot of friction. As a result, it is rather easy to pop out.

Next, upper leg mobility. With Crosly (as with all), my goal was to create something that more human flexibility. As you can see, I’m having difficulty with having the leg move forward.

And no, the elbow joints won’t be on the inside. It looks too weird.

“You can leave now.”

Feel free to comment, criticize, or critique this M.O.C. Any and all is welcome.

Here is the lower torso rebuilt:

My only complaint is the lack of mobility in the lower spine. It does look a lot more appealing.


The torso is pretty weird, and I think you could try giving him a bigger shield.The mask is black and the rest of the body is grey with red,you have to either choose a grey or red mask… Or add some more black on his main body.

Those upper arms are very creative, despite the open ball joint (those don’t annoy me too much).

What would you suggest for the torso? Also, I can’t change the helmet. Otherwise it would add in orange. Very limited parts bin. : (
But I’ll see what I can do!

The upper chest could use some work

I mean, the lower torso mainly