Cross-Universe Mafia: Backstab SIGN-UP (both versions)

2 things.
1: to the category makers, make a Mafia Sub-category.
2: I need... 8-12 people who are on from 3:00-7:00 and are willing to participate. I want no grumps or perfectionists.
Sign up before March 3.

Roles will be told to you via PM. If you are in the Mafia, other people in Mafia will also be told in your PM.

Please support any and all Villagers on the forums.

I will randomly assign you as a character from: Hero Factory and Bionicle. Each will have equal people, and you will be told if you are in the Mafia.

If this is a game of Mafia sure. more details pls?

what even is this


Yes it is. Details will be put up.

oh no not another mafia game PLZ NO STOP NAOW!!




its a mayby

Thanks. I need that info. Mathing will need to be done.

Meh. I'll ask about it but I doubt it's needed or will happen

Thanks for considering my proposal, Mod Squad Council of the prosperous city of TTV Message Boards. stuck_out_tongue

...That's just random. Not complaining, but I think it would have made more sense to have all constraction lines or something, with maybe the Ben 10 figures as Mafia or something.
Anyway, I'll go ahead and sign up; this could be... interesting.


Remember me? LOL stuck_out_tongue

Someone put limitations on number of mafia games/a queue of prospective hosts before this becomes the next trend topic


why not just a general gaming sub-category? That's been suggested before. @Nyran ?

I agree.

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Yeah, I think @MT_Zehvor was gonna do that, as well as clear up some other things regarding Mafia.

Are you in, @Willess12 or @Nyran? I need to know.

No, I don't Mafia.

I just moderate.

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I'm already in two games ATM, so not me.

Thanks, @Nyran and @Willess12.