Cross-Universe Mafia: Backstab SIGN-UP (both versions)

@MT_Zehvor is this cancelled then?

Maybe they'll put this one and @ColdGoldLazarus's on hold until the other ones are done.

No. This was made after the post, I think.

but it hasn't started stuck_out_tongue

I am a sad, but new, Protector.
humble brag

I'm I too late.

NO. I will secretly sign up (I think.) Wait for wave 4. Tell your friends!

I be waiting then.

This topic isn't cancelled, if you still want to host it. It's just everything posted since the rule topic's creation


I be joining the game.

Yay. I am happy.

EDIT: I have only 4 people, including me.

@Dunkey_Kong : Please join. after you, we need 3 more peoples.

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I'll join! smiley

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I'll join.


2 more people! Gather your friends! I am delaying this as we speak!

When will this start after we get two more?
Can't we just start with what we have?

But it wouldn't work! Trust me on this!

Gather your friends!

eh what the heck I died in the HF mafia so why not join another. DANKY KANG IS IN! stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes


I must join this. First Mafia game.

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2 more people.
AND we have a Dunkey_Kong.

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