After Stoneclaw’s success, I figured I’d make another transformer. I wanted a challenge this time, though, so I went with the alt mode of a V-22 Boeing Osprey. (Look it up.) I feel that I accomplished the look fairly well, but his tail end in vehicle mode is a bit messier than I wanted. However, due to my lack of pieces (and experience) I went with it. Overall, I’m satisfied.

Sorry about the large amount of pictures. I really wanted to do this guy justice.
So, let me know what you think! I’ll also put this up on mocpages, so if you’re on there check that out as well.


This moc seems to be pretty good, but two things really bother me: for one, the feet. Yeah… But I understand that they were vital for the transformation. The second is the all gray color scheme. You should give this guy some colors, if you really want to do his justice.

Cool, thanks!

I’m still kind of against colors, mostly because the pieces I need in those colors… I don’t have.

Plus, I’m still working on my techniques. Next guy will be better, I promise.

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Very well done. The robot mode has some minor issues, but the alt mode is fantastic. Amazing work.

What are the robot mode issues?
I actually like robot mode better.

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Seems that you are really good at making system transformers. They are pretty good, The transformation is the best. I thin you could try to make some more colorfull transformers, they look very sad…

My primary complaint would be the big panel behind the head. Otherwise its great.

And I’m working on the colors, don’t worry.[quote=“MaximusPrimal, post:7, topic:46751, full:true”]
My primary complaint would be the big panel behind the head. Otherwise its great.

Yeah, I didn’t really know what to do about that. I wanted it to stay smooth looking.

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Its fine. Like I said, its my only real issue with the robot mode. Other than that its amazing.

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The plane mode is awesome! Well done!

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I think it looks fine without colors, though maybe you could add some colors to the wings or the tail fin to represent usaf roundels or something

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Good Idea!

Um… It’s an osprey.

Close enough, looks like a plane with giant propellers

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Gettin’ 07 flashbacks here.

Points for being less of a shellformer.


Dude, yes!

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Good job getting the transformation feature in there, look good!

Can’t help noticing the difference in the old and new gray colors tho it does kinda add some variety to the otherwise flat colorscheme. However, with that comes a worn-down look due to the green tint in the old gray, not sure if that’s something you’re going for but I like it!

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If it works,it works. I really didn’t intend for that to happen, but I have so much old Dark Grey that I just use it anyways. Like you said, it does give it a nice worn look, which I think is very nice.