Crunch's Art Topic

Here we go. Art topic 2. This is where I'ma dump artwork if I so choose.

First off are a couple of G2 character which I did before Kahi on the podcast was pitching how to approach the protectors/villagers.

Second is my 5th day drawing for Inktober...the Mask of Ultimate Power!
[I'll scan the other ones later...maybe]


That MoUP is pretty sick. That's all hand drawn?

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I put in a photoshop filter at the end but yes. It's ink and watercolor.

These look fantastic!

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the mask of ultimate power have now become the mask of ultimate skulls.

The first image is really fantastic looking. I really really like it. :smile:

It's all so... fabulous! Your art is truly amazing, Crunchy.

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That MoUP is brutal af.

Love em' all!.


That MoUP should be on a T-shirt. Really like your interpretations of the protectors as well.

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the protectors are awesome, that MoUP is freakin' scary

I feel inept as an artist.

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f r i g g i n a m a z i n

Amazing. I honestly have no idea what else to say, especially with that MoUP.

That's an awesome interpretation of the MoUP.

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Simply amazing. Much better than anything I have or will ever do.

It looks really good for a g2 manga based drawing

Well now my sketches look like a six year old's in comparison.

Loving that MoUP, reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean logo.

That is superb.

That MOUP looks like @Mesonak's dream mask :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa... Do some G1 stuff too!