Crypto, The Void Walker (2020 Edition)

Wasn’t happy with the original version of my Self MOC, so I redid it after experimenting more with my build style (Ignore my laziness on not cropping some of the photos.).





I’ve been integrating system more and more into my MOCs and this was my most recent (completed) product from this experimentation in build style.

Crypto is female and was built to have a bit of a slimmer look. The left arm is a robotic limb that served as a replacement the one she lost in my lore. The left arm can be changed out between having a hand, sword, or gun- which can fire actual studs! I purposely built the left arm to be thicker since it is supposed to be completely mechanical.

I did a few things differently with this build from my previous builds and built a frame for her first, and then added onto it. Between building and wating on BrickLink orders, it took me about a month to make… my new record!

The custom mask and the paint job on the left arm was done by Modalt.
I have an album of this MOC for those wanting to see more photos or angles.
I also have an instagram post showing the “behind the scenes” photo of me building it for those wishing to see more.


Very impressive! I love the color scheme, as well as the system integration to make up for the lack of dark blue CCBS parts.

Can’t say it came off as very feminine, but I think that’s mostly a consequence of the armor. Looking at the form I can see the feminine figure.

Thank you! As for the not coming off feminine- that was very much intentional ha ha, but I do appreciate the critique and thoughts!

That black arm is just so legit, especially thanks to Modalt (that guy is a legend). Awesome job.

I am usually not a big fan of non-purist MOCs, but this one is definitely enhanced by the non-purist parts!

This is a neat build! The mask looks amazing, the color scheme looks awesome, and the weapons are really cool!

Really nice, I love the custom painted pieces