Crystal Skull Scorpio

Using the basic design of Skull Scorpio, I decided to do a MOC-up of what it'll be as a set, the result turned out rather well :3


Looks pretty accurate, from what I can see! smiley


Coolio. How does the function work and what does it do?

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Look at the second picture. See how the Technic beam protrudes from the front of the tail? That extension is the trigger. You place your finger on the trigger and pull it back. The tail moves forward and the pincer on the tail closes. A very neat function, but very large.

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You pull a trigger and the claw lunges forward and snaps, is my guess.


Pretty accurate to the original, and even improved in some areas. Nice job!

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When you pull the lever it moves it forward, the claws are attached to a system that is attached to the back piece making it grab. Not sure how large the actual version is, but mine is able to do a nice striking motion;


That's actually the size of the real thing. A few different pieces were used for the build of the tail, but it's very good. Two major differences are that the blades on the tail are slightly larger, and the pieces that attach to the miniature ball joints are the shorter type in the set (the grey type).

I think that the set has a rubber band that keeps the tail in the back position, as well.

To be honest, I was expecting a joke about Indiana Jones 4


I don't know how I missed that. Too awed by its awesomeness, I guess. Um...

Pohatu Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Scorpio.



Yeah, the main inaccuracies come from the tail and armour in general, unfortunately I don't have all the pieces on hand, but it still works effectively :3

Looks better than the set. XD

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Looks really sick. I love how you used that trans-blue, looks so cool. God job.

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Perfect XD

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