Csephor, toa of ice

So this guy's a bit of a criminal, I suppose. If you'd like to learn more, check out his page.

I'm really pleased with how the torso turned out since the lower half of those Hordika arms are difficult to use in my opinion. He's also not too bulky, which is why his limbs are fairly simple.

I though that plain Mata feet looked a bit boring on this guy, so I just added some Bohrok eyes on the top. They're quite loose, but stay relatively still if you don't shake him around.

The torso is surprisingly sturdy even though it's somewhat hollow beneath that Nuva chest plate. The back is pretty sub-par in my opinion, but the armour does its job of covering up the hole fairly well so I'm satisfied.

To see more images, check out his gallery. Alternatively, you could view his YouTube video. As always, any feedback is welcome!


Cool but those exposed ball joints on the knee are distracting.

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I really like this. I also like what you did with those feet. Nice job!

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I remember this being on the CBW Main Page. This MOC is impressive, and one of my favorites. The proportions are spot on, the body looks great, the colors are nicely dispersed. Overall, an outstanding MOC.

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This is great!

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@Chronicler Thanks! I'm glad he's one of your favourites. smiley

@charyas Thank you!

@Ventum I'm glad you like the feet. It was a bit of a throw-together thing but they turned out pretty well. stuck_out_tongue

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The only thing that bothers me about them, re-looking at them, is the fact that the bottoms (middle) isn't filled in. But that's a minor nit pick.
Although I am curious, how sturdy is the bit on the top, and how much does it hinder articulation?