Cubing (as in Rubik's)

Hello, I am a cuber, one who cubes. If you're unaware of what I'm talking about, "Cubing" is the act of solving puzzles based around and similar to the original Rubik's (It's not 'Rubix') cube.
Some cubers try to be the fastest at solving cubes, while others try to solve bigger and weirder cubes. Most aren't even true cubes. My personal favorite "cube," the Megaminx, is a dodecahedron:

There are also many different sizes, from the traditional 3x3x3 to the monster 11x11x11.

I personally prefer to solve weird and somewhat big cubes, with my favorites being the Megaminx, the Mirror Cube, and the 5x5.
Speed Cubing is what competitions focus on, where the goal is simply to solve as fast as you can. I'm more of a casual speed cuber, and I don't participate in competitions, though I practice solving quickly on occasion. The brand Rubik's cube is VERY unreliable for speed cubing, with several third-party Speed Cubes being available on Amazon. These are engineered to move very smoothly, and to cut corners while turning. I personally recommend the Duyong Zhanchi and the FangShi ShuangRen as the best 3x3 speed cubes. Using the Zhanchi, I achieved a personal record of 16.54 seconds, though the world record is around five seconds.
Does anyone else like to cube, or want to get into it? It's a pretty fun hobby for air travel, and I bought a pocket-sized one for those moments where I have nothing else to do. I definitely recommend learning how to solve the 3x3, and more once you master it. Though it will never overcome LEGO, cubing is a great hobby :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone have anything to discuss? What is your favorite puzzle?


I have a few friends that are into speed-cubing. I could never get into it myself though.

Apart from a regular cube, I have this wonderful thing:

You'd think being 2x2 would help, but it's actually quite difficult because you have to get the positioning on the globe right. I haven't solved it to this day. disappointed


I got a Rubik's Cube for christmas a few years back. Still haven't solved it.

You should try to learn the algorithms for solving it. Once you get the standard 3x3, a whole new world of puzzles to spend your money on opens up =P
It's actually pretty easy to memorize the solutions. Back in middle school, I printed of the instructions from the Rubiks website and carried it around with me for two days. You should give it a try...

I used to know how to do this, like, I could get one finished in about 40 seconds. And then I stopped playing with them...


I have something kinda like that.

But it's not a puzzle.


I'll just shut up now


i got a rubik's cube a few years ago and i still haven't solved it. then i got a another one a cruise a few years back. it was really cheap and did'nt even work. i smashed it into pieces with a sledge hammer stuck_out_tongue

Solving Rubik's cubes are easy, all you have to do is take off the stickers and put them in the right place.

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I once considered doing that in reverse: i.e. moving around the stickers to make it unsolvable, then letting someone try to solve it. That'd be cruel, though.


I actually did that to one of my friends. Amused he was not. I, however, was extremely amused.


Solving a Rubik's Cube is one of my life goals. I just gotta find one...

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my seventh grader, sam, is a freaking wiz with the cubes. like its crazy. He mentioned trying to learn a technique called double down (or was it double up?) anyways its freaking awesome and anyone who can do this is awesome

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I enjoy solving puzzle cubes <3 I can currently solve the 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and the megaminx(which is just a slightly more complicated 3x3) Right now I really want to get the ghost cube!
I have an "okay" record of solving the 3x3 in 59.35 seconds smile


looks at picture



why would anybody want that

My friend is able to solve a Rubiks cube in 20 moves at the most.

I wish that I could do that.

pensive But alas...

... I'm bad at most things


What stuck_out_tongue I don't think that is possible if it is correctly scrambled. The last step takes more than 20 moves. He must have had it to where he memorized the way he scrambled.

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