Cultural dances?

In fictional worlds, it’s always nice to see varying cultures. And this was done very nicely in Bionicle, for sure.

I recall in a cancelled Bionicle game, featuring the Toa Mata, it was planned that the Toa would dance whenever they had won a battle or solved a puzzle, this gives me an idea, also inspired by the varying cultures of the different villages. It was nice having different activities in each village in the Mata Nui Online Game, so why wouldn’t this fit nicely?

In Mata Nui, could each Matoran village have it’s own unique traditional dance? For example, the Ga-Matoran would have a slower, balanced dance, whereas the Po-Matoran could stomp heavily and display strength. These dances could be for festivals and celebrations of good fortune, or perhaps different reasons for different villages.
Maybe the Le-Matoran dance when a new tree is planted, or when a tree has reached it’s highest. Perhaps the Ta-Koro guards could have a warrior’s dance.

Anyway, I think it’d be pretty nice if all the villages had unique dances suiting their cultures. Besides, they have sports, visual art, music- a dance would be a lovely addition!

(And by the way, thanks for helping to make my childhood an epic one!)


In MNOG le and ta matoran dance, but its almost the same moves

The main thing I remember about dances is that in the original story bible the Toa would do a dance every time they found a Great Mask. I chose to ignore that when I did the comics. I was concerned it might look silly, plus if you are in the middle of an dangerous environment, or surrounded by enemies, you don’t stop to do dances. I didn’t think it made sense.