Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

Valentine removes his helmet with a “pop” before searching for a pub

She stops, then turns on her heel and walks back the other way. “By getting our guide through the nation.” She says, beginning to look for Moenir again.

Lillan nodded.

Kasie glanced around, looking for potential enemies… and people to rob.

“Well, as eet so happens I have more eemportant things to conseeder - such as my life.” Louisa picks up her glass, toasting to herself in the air before draining the rest of the water. “And you? What might a keed like you be doing with a rebel such as heem?”

“…making myself a home.” He said. “I was a nobody kid back in Imilli and a poor smith in my time at Darsa, so I’m trying to make a place I can belong.”

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Riku marches through a village, growling as he goes, he may be wise but he is cruel and cunning

“Hmph.” Louisa looks off into space. “And you want to do that by fighteeng two nations at thee same time?”

He shrugs. “If that’s what it takes.” He responds. "Besides, they’re too busy fighting each other. By time they can get back here from the front lines, we’ll already have a big enough chunk of land and allies that we could find a way to defend ourselves.

She might see Moenir run down a corner, and Blud following shortly after him.

She follows them.

OOC: shall we say for the sake of convince that Riku’s in Gathens?

Louisa mirrors his shrug. “I hope so for your sakes.” She stands, stretching slightly. “Anyways, I should be goeeng. Better to leave sooner than later. Good luck weeth your rebellion; eef you ween, maybe I’ll be back.” With a final wave she leaves, heading out into the streets.

Blud stops in front of a house, that presumably Moenir had run into. His face was pale, as if it was made of snow.

Hans nods. Sean enters the room. “I just sent a message out.” He said to Hans, ignoring Louisa. “They should meet us a-”

He’s cut off by an unexpected gunshot roaring through the streets of Kenasa. His face grows worried. “Oh no.”

Sarah walks up to blood. “What’s th’problem?” She asks.


Blud gulps,
“I think I have a kid…I think I’ve recently just met that kid…”

Louisa whips her head around. That couldn’t be good. Still, maybe it would afford the distraction she needed to escape… She would have to hurry. She darts through the streets, attempting to head to the city wall. Well, given her knowledge of the city, the plan is more of “pick a direction and you’ll find a wall eventually.” It wasn’t perfect, but hey, what could you do?

Ryko listens, as he walks up behind Sarah.
“Oh, boy. More drama.” He quips good-naturedly.

Lillan stands a distance away from them.
Kasie looks for any potential people to steal from.

She stifles a laugh. “Well okay then.”

Hans and Sean rush out into the streets, looking for the source of the shot. A few more followed. “They were supposed to wait for a signal!” Sean muttered angrily. “We need to go see what’s going on, now!”

Blud says aloud in a nervous tone,
“I think you should go first…I don’t want to upset the Mrs…”

Moenir walked through his childhood home, he sat down on a chair in the kitchen, and heard footsteps coming around the corner.
[speaking in Gathenian]
“I swear if it is those land-sharks again…I’ll-”

Aina dropped the basket she was working on and ran, hugging her son, [speaking in Gathenian]
“SON! You’re home!”

Moenir smiled and replied, [speaking in Gathenian]
“Yeah, I’m home… I also am kinda working on a mission, with some companions.”

Sarah sighs, then knocks on the door.