Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

“She’s ruthless.” The lady answers. “Emotionless. It’s almost like she’s dead. And she’s an expert fighter.” She pauses for a moment. “Did you by chance see her hair?”

“yes, it seemed burnt on the end.”

“They say a traitor to the Nikidian army tried to kill her and set her hair on fire.” The innkeep said. “She used nothing but her burning hair to instead kill the man, and after putting out the fire, left the burnt ends there as a warning and reminder not to cross her.”

“She seems ruthless. This does not bode well for any.”

“She’s the Grand Commander’s second in command. It’s part of her job to be that ruthless.”

“Maybe, but not necessarily.”

“We may not think she needs to, but for what the Grand Commander wants, it is, and by the gods is she good at it.”

“I see. Well, thank you Feinlijab.” He says.

She nods. “You’re welcome. Try not to get yourself into too much trouble.”

“Of course Feinlijab.” he says, then heads up to his room, where he places the book on the table, and leaves his bag of ingredients. He then goes back downstairs, and made his way to the safe house.

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The innkeeper goes back to her book, and when Haful was out on the streets, he might see more guards marching the streets below.

He continued undaunted, trying not to look suspicious.

Lillan finally finished what he was doing and came inside.

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When he arrives, he’d see Sean inside. “Oh, you’re back. What’s going on outside?” He asks.

Jacques watches the guards drill. “Encore!” He commands.

“Non non, j’en ai assez vu.” He hears a dull, feminine voice behind him as the color drains from his face. He sees his men standing on attention and whips around to do the same. “B-bonjour, Mademoiselle.” He says.

“Alors,” The Mademoiselle starts. “Est-ce que les exercices sont la seule chose que vous avez faite ou avez-vous quelque chose de significatif à signaler?”

“A Woman by the name of, ‘The Mademoiselle’ has arrived, making our whole life that much harder.”

He stops what he’s doing, straight faced. “Ah, I see.” He says, standing up. “The woman, the myth, the legend. Mademoiselle Noir. You said she’s here?”

“Yes, Hijlab. I saw her myself.”

He nods thoughtfully. “Well, this can’t be good.” He says. “Not good at all. All we can do is try our best and hope to all that’s good that we succeed.”

Aina serves him a plate full of baked oatmeal freshly steaming.

Moenir finishes his breakfast and hands his bowl to his mother. He glances at Sarah, then at the rest,
“If any of you wish to practice and spar come outside.”

He heads out after his father, who was just outside the building. They chatted for a bit and Blud stood by the house, while Moenir left for the spot they were going to train in.

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Sarah, having finished her meal, took care of her plate and followed outside.