Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

Louisa freezes in the doorway from the other room. The mug she had been drinking from slowly slips from her hand, shattering upon the ground. She stands there, lips pressed together in a thin line, color draining from her face.

“Are you alright Fienlijab?” He asked, bending down to pick up the broken pieces of the mug.

Sean turns to look at her. “Ah, I see your military conditioning taking effect.” He said grimly. “And I’m afraid it’s true. She’s here.”

Louisa shakes her head, a minute, twitchy motion.

She attempts to swallow, her mouth dry. Words fall from her mouth, a slurred phrase that vaguely sounds like her native language.

He looks up at her while picking up the pieces, his face full of concern.

Blud stood,
“Guessing you’re the only one coming?”
Blud looks inside at the other three. (@meepinater)

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Sean goes over to him and looks her in the eyes. “Don’t worry.” He told her. “We’re here. She’ll need to make it through all of us first.”

Sarah shrugs. “Guess so.”

Louisa’s eyes are wide with fear.

“You think she can’t do that?” she whispers. “She’ll kill all of us. We need to be gone.”

“She’s only human.” Sean reassures her. “A bullet can kill anyone.”

Haful stood up with the shards of the mug in his hands. “Trust me Feimlijab, I’d like nothing more, but that’s not really possible.”

Non, non non non non,” Louisa whimpers, whipping her head from side to side. “She is not human, non. We cannot kill what cannot die, we need to leave while we can.”

Sean sighs. “What have you heard about her?” He asks, wondering just how much damage he was dealing with.

“How would you propose we do that Feimlijab?” He asked.

“It doesn’t matter,” Louisa insists. “We just need to be gone. Have you not heard the stories about her? She is more than of this earth; traitors and enemies have tried to kill her and she never seems to die. They even say that she can hear when her name is spoken.”

“And yet she has yet to break down our door.” Sean notes.

Hans walks into the room. “So…anyone know what the fanfare’s about?”

“Long story short, a certain burnt haired officer is in town” he explained.

“The right hand of the Nikidian army,” Louisa corrects. “And our doom.”

“Or so you say. I saw her myself. I TALKED to her. She was intimidating, but she didn’t come off as unnatural, or powerful.”

Louisa only shakes her head, her lips pressed together.

“If I had known who she was, I could have killed her before she knew what happened.”