Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

Blud nods and heads off,
“We’re going to a clearing just outside the city through the south forest. Moenir’s trained there before and it seems like a good place for us to spar.”

Sarah nods. “Sounds good.”

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Ryko shrugged and stood up.
“I suppose I could use some exercise.”


Asher burst into the safehouse and quickly closed the door.
“A weird lady is in town.” He said with wide eyes.


“We know.” Haful states.

“Mademoiselle Noir.” Sean corrects.

Louisa flinches as he says the name.

Haful shakes his head, as he goes and dumps the mug shards into the trash can.

“And she would be…who?”

Meanwhile, Nacha scampers around the City (Having finally lost the tailing officers, who may well have given up chasing a strange man in furs out of boredom) and conceals himself within a nearby alleyway. There he bundles himself within his dense furs and drifts to sleep… to the soft clip-clop of hooves on the cobblestones. As Nacha dreams he spies the figure of a woman; her face white like milk, her hair black and crackling like smoke. Nacha wakes abruptly to the sound of Guards, he presses himself into the wall though gradually relaxes as he notices their voices are distant and growing fainter. With some difficulty he rises to his feet and walks out into the City streets.

“She is one of the top commanders in the Nikidian army, next only to the Grand Commander himself.” Sean elaborates. “And a figure every Nikidian soldier and citizen is trained to fear.” He says, gesturing to Louisa.

Nacha gets some strange stares along the road, but otherwise no one really pays him any mind.

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“Sounds fun. She certainly plays the part well.” he replied, then paused. “But she’s not invincible. I’ll do what scouting I can, and look for an opening.”

“Just be careful if you do. She’s merciless.” Sean warns him.

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“Agreed, considering she drew a gun on me as soon as she realized I was there.”

“Not surprising.” Sean said. “What’s surprising is she didn’t shoot.”

“Probably because I explained that I didn’t know who she was, and would have never drawn my sword otherwise.”

“That’s fair enough, I guess.” Sean responds. “But why did she draw upon you anyways?”

“I guess she saw the gleam of my blade.”

“I’ll be sure to only take a shot if I know I can make it.” Asher reassures them.

“Good. Just keep yourself from getting killed.”